St. Lawrence O'Toole

43rd Barn Quilt Hung at St. Lawrence O'Toole Catholic Church in Michigan

This glorious barn quilt can be seen on the north side of St. Lawrence O'Toole in Michigan. It sits on 3rd Street and faces east to catch the eye of those who travel the Nelson County Barn Quilt Trail.

MANY thanks to the group of people who designed and helped choose colors for this quilt. Many of the colors have significant religious meaning. Thank you to Sherrie Kjorsvik, Joann Hjelseth and Brenda Kuchar for drawing the quilt pattern on the board, thank you to Joann Hjelseth and Sherrie Kjorsvik for painting the design, thank you to John, Nathan, Phillip, Roman, Jack and Levi Steffan for the hanging and installation of the quilt. Thank you also to Jay and Maria Vasichek for donating this beautiful sign.

This was a group effort and all involved should feel very proud! How lucky we are to have this one of a kind piece of art in Michigan!