Public Notification Process for Sex Offenders in Nelson County

Nelson County Sheriff’s Office has had a very low profile when it comes to the notification process of sex offenders. As Sheriff of Nelson County; I would like to improve our system of notification, so the public is very aware of their surroundings and our county sex offender registry.

The Bureau of Criminal Investigations Offender Registration Division in Bismarck is responsible for keeping our website up to date on current offenders in the entire state of North Dakota. This is open to the public and you can find information at:

Nelson County Sheriff’s Office will attempt to be vigilant with notification of the moderate to high-risk offenders that are in our county or move into our county.

The Nelson County Sheriff’s Office Facebook Page is the best source to follow to get current updates. We are also linked to website page.

We currently have 8 offenders in Nelson County – two being high risk, the rest are low risk with 1 risk level being assessed.

As always, we like to keep communication open with the citizens of Nelson County and we are more than willing to assist anyone with the understanding of the website or information regarding any sex offenders that are within our county.

Sheriff Schwind
Nelson County Sheriff’s Office