"Aneta Community Orchard"

Aneta Barn Quilt

Here is another barn quilt from Aneta.  This one was made by Elizabeth Stromme, Kloten and Linda Retzlaff, Aneta.  The following information was submitted by Elizabeth along with the picture.  Enjoy!!

The decision was made to keep this barn quilt stored for the winter.  It will be hung at the entrance of the Aneta Community Orchard next spring.

Linda Retzlaff and I worked on this together, although she does not want any credit for the work she did, I say this was a collaboration no matter what she says!    

The green thumbed hands represents the community effort that turned a forgotten piece of land into a beautifully planned out orchard.  Billy Miller, his sister, Janice Mills and other local residents spent hours in all kinds of weather to get this project going.  Many species of fruit bearing trees, grapes, berries, etc., were planted last fall.  The Herb and flower garden was planted in June  and the community was welcome to pick from either.      I used a verse from a Pete Seeger song…."Seed by seed, Row by row, We can make, This garden grow"   to acknowledge the gardens that grew up along the North side of the Orchard.  All the vegetable gardens were tended by local families and all grew lush and productive. There is a footbridge out there now and  plans for next year include a  playground, perennial flower and hosta garden.  Not sure what else, you would have to talk to Billy Miller for more information on this project. 

Just a great way to bring people of all ages together to enjoy natures bounty.  Lots of work but lots of rewards!"

This quilt makes #32 on the Nelson County Barn Quilt Trail! 

Thanks girls!!