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Area descriptions and maps provided by the North Dakota Game and Fish Department.

Stump Lake Park   
A good population of walleye, most are less than 18 inches.  Pike are common, featuring good numbers of medium- to larger-sized fish.  Perch population is increasing, with good numbers of medium-sized fish, with some big fish, too.  White bass are currently at low densities.

Northwest Area - No Public Boating Access

East Central Area - No Public Boating Access

Tolna Landing (Stump Lake) - 3 miles north of Tolna.  (Gravel access road, fish cleaning facility, security lights, picnic shelter, trash receptacles - Tolna Community Club).

Stump Lake Park - 11 miles south, 1 mile west of Lakota.  (Paved access road, fish cleaning facility, developed and primitive camping, security lights, picnic shelter, trash receptacles, concession, lodging, RV dump station, fishing pier - Nelson County Park Board).

Lake Laretta 
2 miles west and 3 miles north of Michigan.  Excellent pike fishery, with high numbers of medium-sized fish, but some pushing 15 pounds.   Perch that survive pike predation are large, but uncommon.  (No ramp).                                               

McVille Dam 
1 mile east of McVille.  Some larger walleye, largemouth bass and pike available.  Perch are typically small.  (Fishing pier).
Silver Creek Dam
4 miles west, .5 miles south of McVille.  Small reservoir with a winter pike fishery.   (No ramp).                                             

Tolna Dam
1 mile south, 2 miles east of Tolna.  Some larger walleye and good densities of pike.  Perch numbers are fairly low.

Whitman Dam
1.5 miles north, 3 miles east of Whitman.  Perch grow to keeper-seize, with some pushing 12 inches.  Fair fishing for pike and walleye.  Low density crappie population, with some large fish.  (Fishing pier).

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