K9 Program Donations - June 2, 2023

Good Morning Nelson County, we would like to share an update on the Nelson County Sheriff K9 Program. We are currently at $18,205 of donations. $15,000 dollars of the donations will go towards the purchase of the K9, K9 training, handler training, and general K9 gear(leashes, harness) all coming from Working K9.ca. More gear will need to be purchased before the K9 comes to Nelson County. We will need to purchase and up-fit a squad car. We are hoping to get a Chevy Tahoe for the K9 Team. A Tahoe provides the necessary room for the K9 kennel and drawer systems needed for K9 equipment. With the up-fit of the squad car we will need to add a HOT-DOG system, this system monitors the K9 kennel temperature so that the K9 does not over heat in the squad, Door popper system this allows the handler to open the K9s door from a distance incase of an emergency.
Once the K9 is home in Nelson County we will be partnering up with the Benson County Sheriff's Office to purchase a Apprehension (Bite) suit for training. Our partnership with the Benson County Sheriff's Office has already begun with us making various training aides from scent boxes, scent walls, and bite tables.
We have been asked a million times who will be the k9 handler, Chief Deputy Jesse Madche will be the handler. He has started his journey into being a K9 handler by attending a week long K9 course in Devils Lake this past April. Chief Deputy Madche will spend another week training with the K9 at WorkingK9's facility in Canada next year. After that training is complete Chief Deputy Madche will bring the K9 home.
Here is where we ask for your help if you would like to donate to the K9 program reach out to the Nelson County Sheriff's Office at 701-247-2474 or stop up and ask questions. If you see Sheriff Schwind or Chief Deputy Madche out on patrol they would love to answer any questions you may have. The K9 will be a female Belgian Malinois. She does not have a name yet! if you have a name recommendation drop one in the comments. Chief Deputy Madche has a few in mind but is open to your thought.
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