Nelson County Recorder & Clerk of District Court

Open Monday through Friday
8:00 AM - 12:00 Noon
1:00 PM - 4:30 PM


Recorder:  (701) 247-2433
Clerk of Court:  (701) 247-2462

Fax:  (701) 247-2412

Recorder/Clerk of District Court

The County Recorder/Clerk of District Court is an appointed position.  In Nelson County, the Recorder also serves as ex-officio clerk of the district court.  Receiving, time stamping, and filing the many documents presented are but a few of the responsibilities of the Recorder's Office.  Maintaining court files, summoning jurors, and attending court when it is in session, are some of the responsibilities of the Clerk of Court.

The Nelson County Commissioners have designated the Recorder as the official to maintain the following "non-judicial" duties:

  • Issuing marriage licenses & performing marriage ceremonies
  • Recording military discharge records
  • Accepting passport applications

The Recorder

  • Records legal documents pertaining to real estate according to North Dakota statutes
  • Maintains tract indexes and plat records for all property in the county
  • Files Uniform Commercial Code liens, relating to personal property, on the State's Central Indexing System
  • Files Corner Monument records
  • Files Wills for safekeeping
  • Provides information to the general public, as well as realtors, abstractors, and businesses

The Clerk of Court

  • Is Custodian of all court records - Traffic, Criminal, Civil, Family, Probate, and Mental Health
  • Schedules court hearings
  • Maintains exhibits presented in court
  • Maintain and manage the master jury list for the County
  • Monitors all restitution, fines, costs, and fees owed by Defendants


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