Nelson County Barn Quilt Trail Committee Donates Plaque

The Nelson County Barn Quilt Trail Committee recently donated a plaque to Melrose #4 one room school house.  Melrose #4 is located at the intersection of Co. Rd. 4 and Co. Rd. 35 in central Nelson County. 

We contacted Sharon Young, Nelson Co. Superintendent of Schools, for the years that Melrose #4 was open. We thank her for the following information:

The records & reports indicate that Melrose #4 was in service as a school from November 1907 – May 1961.  1961 was the last year that the building was used as a school.

The first Teacher’s Report that I could find for School No. 4 was dated May 22, 1908, and it listed the School Term as November 5, 1907 to May 22, 1908.  Teacher’s Reports contain many facts about the school, and list the students as well as the teacher for that year.

In the 1959 reorganization of school districts, Melrose School District #38 was divided among Unity, Michigan, & McVille School Districts.  Melrose #4 continued to have school in its building for two more years (1959-60 and 1960-61) as a part of the Michigan School District and kept the school building name of Melrose #4.  

In 1960-61, there were 14 students that attended school there.  List of students:  Vance Kjorsvik, Curtis Kjorsvik, Sharilyn Kjorsvik, David Kjorsvik, Otis Kroke, Dwayne Schmidt, Duane Kjorsvik, Carol Kroke, Myron Kjorsvik, Darryl Schmidt, Gaylyn Kjorsvik, Lenore Kroke, LaRue Schmidt, and Barbara Barney.  Their teacher was Mabel Young.

Today, Melrose #4 is used as the Melvin Township Hall.   

Our committee would like to thank Sherrie Kjorsvik for painting the barn quilt, Richard Swenseth for hanging the plaque and Marlys Hoverson for assisting.  Richard and Marlys are former students of Melrose #4.