2024 Homestead Property Tax Credit & Renter's Refund

The Homestead Property Tax Credit and Renter’s Refund are property tax credits available to eligible North Dakotans. Individuals may qualify for a property tax credit or partial refund of the rent they pay, if one of the following requirements is met:

  • 65 years of age or older, OR
  • An individual with a permanent or total disability
    • Proof of total disability must be established by a certificate from a licensed physician or a written determination of disability from the Social Security Administration or federal or state agency authorized to certify an individual’s disability.
    • There is no age requirement for those with permanent or total disability.
    • A homeowner or renter with disability must meet the same requirements, except for age, as a senior citizen homeowner or renter.

For a married couple who are living together, only one may apply for the Homestead Property Tax Credit or Renter’s Refund. Only the spouse applying for the credit needs to be 65 years of age or older, or permanently and totally disabled.


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