2019 Nelson County Spelling Bee

by Sharon Young,  Nelson County Supt. of Schools



Lydia Stein and Kylie Wall were named Champion and 1st Runner-up respectively at the Nelson County Spelling Bee held February 20 at Dakota Prairie Elementary School in McVille. They will both advance to the North Dakota State Spelling Bee on March 18 in Bismarck.  


Lydia is an eighth grader at Dakota Prairie High School.  Kylie is an eighth grader at Lakota High School.  Sydnee Johnston, a seventh grader at Dakota Prairie, was 2nd Runner-up and is the alternate to the state competition. 


Forty-six students in grades 3-8 competed in the annual event.  The Spelling Bee competition included both written and oral rounds. 


Winners in the elementary competition were:

Grade 3 Champion:                  Taven Huso, Lakota

Grade 3 First Runner-up:          Kenley Blasey, Dakota Prairie

Grade 4 Champion:                  Dagan Slade, Dakota Prairie

Grade 4 First Runner-up:          Laura Steffan, Lakota

Grade 5 Champion:                  Lily Donohue, Dakota Prairie

Grade 5 First Runner-up:          Brandi Schock, Dakota Prairie

Grade 6 Champion:                  Nevaeh Huso, Lakota

Grade 6 First Runner-up:          Isabelle Sateren, Dakota Prairie      


The Lakota American provided plaques for the individual winners.  They  were presented to the students by Cheryl Wall.   Each participant received a certificate and ribbon for representing their school. 




GRADE 3:       Kenley Blasey, Dakota Prairie

                        Taven Huso, Lakota

                        Taylor Joramo, Lakota

                        Sy Maresh, Dakota Prairie


GRADE 4:       Tegen Dahlen, Dakota Prairie

                        Mya Luehring, Dakota Prairie

                        Dagan Slade, Dakota Prairie

                        Laura Steffan, Lakota


GRADE 5:       Tyler Cree-Beglau, Dakota Prairie

                        Lily Donohue, Dakota Prairie

                        Brandi Schock, Dakota Prairie

                        Ellen Stein, Dakota Prairie                 


GRADE 6:       Madysen Blasey, Dakota Prairie

                        Nevaeh Huso, Lakota

                        Nick Nenow, Dakota Prairie  

                        Isabelle Sateren, Dakota Prairie

                        Brooke Watkins, Dakota Prairie

                        Gunner Zlotkowski, Dakota Prairie




GRADE 7-8:   Tyra Cree-Beglau, Dakota Prairie

                        Marco Gurrea, Dakota Prairie

                        Elizabeth Hallisey, Dakota Prairie

                        Sydnee Johnston, Dakota Prairie

                        Preston Lee, Dakota Prairie

                        Seth Monsebroten, Dakota Prairie

                        Rylan Parsley, Dakota Prairie

                        Ozzie Skogen, Lakota

                        Ariana Slettebak, Dakota Prairie

                        Lydia Stein, Dakota Prairie

                        Kylie Wall, Lakota



GRADE 3:       Hailey Avdem, Dakota Prairie

                        Aubree Christinson, Dakota Prairie

                        Marley Stein, Dakota Prairie


GRADE 4:       Tate Bullis, Lakota

                        Ty Kremer, Lakota

                        Abigail Speck, Dakota Prairie


GRADE 5:       Samantha Hjelseth, Dakota Prairie

                        Ethan Matejcek, Lakota

                        Brody Rainsberry, Lakota

                        Rider Schmidt, Lakota


GRADE 6:       Kaylee Prosser, Lakota

                       Joe Skalicky, Lakota

                       Aria Strong, Dakota Prairie

                       Anthony Terrell, Lakota


GRADE 7-8:   Evan Bozich-Hoglund, Dakota Prairie

                       Kasey Hovdenes, Dakota Prairie

                       Liam Lodermeier, Lakota



Coordinator and word list preparer for the Spelling Bee was Sharon Young, Nelson County Superintendent of Schools.  Jackie Bye, Dakota Prairie Elementary Principal, was in charge of all arrangements at the host site.


Pronouncers were Jenni Sateren, Amy Olson, Jay Slade, Jackie Bye, and Karen Retzlaff.  Judges were Marilyn Beier, Marcella Olson, Jill Wall, Kevin Baumgarn, Whitney Parks, Sarah Johnson, Alyson Parsley, Brendon Parsley, Traci Sand, and Laura Walter.


Correctors were Norma Trost, Juliet Aslakson, Annetta Nelson, Betty Kroke, Helen Moen, Joyce Dahlen, Sylvia Daws, Tony Davis, Sandy Davis, Paulette Haugen, Amy Ohnstad, Phyllis Trostad, Margaret Johnson, Mary Ann Daws, Joyce Severson, Judy Twete, Delores Sandager, Diane Hoveskeland, Jean Miller, and Joan Sateren.    


The State Spelling Bee is cosponsored by the North Dakota Association of County Superintendents and the North Dakota Newspaper Association.  Financial support is from the ND Masonic Foundation and the ND Newspaper Association Education Foundation. The ND State Spelling Bee winner will compete in the National Spelling Bee in Washington, D.C. on May 27-30, 2019.