Tax Director

Open Monday through Friday
8:30 AM - 12:00 Noon
12:30 PM - 4:30 PM


The Tax Director's Office is responsible for the uniform annual assessments of property within Nelson County.  Classes of property included in the assessments are residential, commercial, and agricultural lands.  The office also oversees the local assessment process.  Training and assistance is provided to township and city assessors.  The County also contracts with local city and townships for assessment services. 

Other duties of the office include:

*  Updating and maintaining assessment records.

*  Taxation of mobile homes, along with collection and moving permits.

*  Administering property tax credits and exemptions.  Some examples are as follows:
    - Property Tax Credits for Senior Citizens and Disabled Persons
    - Property Tax Credit for Disabled Veterans
    - Blind Exemptions
    - Exemption for Wheelchair Bound Individuals
    - Farm Residence Exemptions

*  Determining the Average Per Acre for Agricultural Properties.
    - Compliance with the State tolerance levels.
    - Maintaining maps and soil survey information.
    - Implementation of Inundated Land per year. 

*  Tracking of County sales.
    - Compliance with the State tolerance levels.

*  Print and store yearly assessment books and minutes.
*  Attend yearly Township Officers Meeting.

*  Schedule local equalization hearings.

*  Attend and provide information to equalization hearings of the City/Township, County, and State.

*  Attend and provide information for all abatement hearings.

*  Provide advice, recommendations, and statistical information to the County Commission on property tax matters.


Michelle Linstad was appointed as the Tax Director in April,1998.